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Train Station with Accessories

Train Station with Accessories

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All aboard, doors are closing! An amazing playtime experience is pre-programmed with this two-story train station from the small foot world product group made of FSC® 100%-certified wood because all sorts of accessories, such as a kiosk, a ticket machine, a writable display board and a train station clock are included.

Two railway tracks which are compatible with all other major toy train brands can be laid on the upper deck of the train station.

On the lower deck, up to four tracks can be laid next to each other and expanded. That means that there's a lot going on with all the train departures and arrivals! And here's the great thing: the deeper profile of the railway tracks allows the battery-powered trains to safely make their rounds. Every children's room will become a big-city train station in no time with this toy!

Includes magnetic wooden elements.

Railway Station: approx. 40 x 23 x 28 cm

Train: approx. 27 x 3 x 5 cm


WARNING! This toy contains magnets or magnetic components. Magnets, inside a human body that attract each other or other metal objects, can cause severe or even fatal injuries. Consult a doctor immediately if magnets were swallowed or inhaled.

Recomended Age

3+ Years


  • Wood

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Care Instructions

Avoid soaking your wooden toys in water. Wood gets damaged and will lose its shape and color(s) when left submerged.

Use only natural cleaners or use gentle soap and a damp cloth to wipe clean. You can also use white vinegar or apple cider diluted with water.

Once cleaned, leave them to airdry.

Note that although we appreciate you maintaining and returning your borrowed toys clean, we will also properly clean and sanitize all toys before being placed back in the rotation again.

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