What is Library Credit?

Library Credit

We use Library Credit to give you up to seven times (7x) value, and help you manage your child's playtime as well as the value and number of toys you are able to check out at any point. It allows you to choose from any toy in our library.

How does the Library Credit Work?

Your library credit works like cash. Each membership plan gives you library credit that allows you to choose from any of our toys in the library, as long as your total order is within your available credit balance.

When you return toys to be swapped, we refund you the full credit value of each toy that is returned, up to your total credit allowance. This allows you to immediately check out more toys, using your new credit balance. Your total credit allowance each month always remains the same, it does not compound.

Here is an example

You are a member with a plan that gives you €80 in Library credit

You Choose 2 toys

Toy A: costs €40
Toy B: costs €15 

€80 - €40 - €15 = €25 

Your new credit balance €25

Play without due dates

Keep the toys as long as you want  or until the toys are no longer loved

No due dates

No late fees

Make a swap & repeat

You decide to swap toy A
Toy A: Cost you €40

We refund you the value of Toy A:

€25 + €40 = €65

Now you have €65 Credit for more toys